Unique Wedding Themes For Summer

Wedding themes for summer is provided in many beautiful types. As you know that for holding the best wedding, we have to prepare many things, and the essential one is the wedding theme. After deciding the wedding theme, you can easily decide what kind of wedding dress you need, what wedding venue decoration, until the design of your wedding invitation. So, it is absolute that deciding wedding theme is a basic thing. Wedding theme also should be adjusted with the season in where you are. Summer is viewed as the good season for holding wedding. We will give you inspiration about the unique wedding theme for summer.

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Summer Wedding Theme

Fresh colour combination theme

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Summer Wedding ThemesSize: 700 x 457

Color is an important part in a wedding decoration, it decide the impression and set the mood. From your dresses to flower, from linens to place cards, the colors you choose set the tone for whole event. Especially for a summer wedding, the right color choice is very impacted. If you choose the right color, you will have a fabulous-looking wedding.

Luckily, summer is an easy season for choosing colors. There are pretty colors that look so fantastic at a summer wedding. Just choose the fresh and bright color for your theme even combining two colors will be better. You can combine gold and yellow, to make a glamour decoration, even gold and purple, to make an elegant decoration. The combination between pink yellow is also good, pink reflects the sweet while yellow add the accent. Those are also very good on the table for dinner. Light grey and pink, blue and white, yellow and blue, red and black and white, are also the best combination colors to choose.

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Beach wedding theme

Beach is a great place when summer comes. In summer, you can choose tea length dresses and sharp lines to provide contrast against the soft waves and rolling sand dunes. Beach weddings are very great, because you can easily choose many colors. Bright vibrant colors like oranges, yellows, and bold blue are the best colors for beach weddings.

You can also fill your bouquets and centerpieces with exotic hibiscus, orchids, and stargazer lilies, with palm accents. Try hanging silver starfish or seashell charms from the stems, or scattered through the bouquet for a unique look. For you who are not interested in floral centerpieces, add sprinkle seashells or hibiscus blooms on the tables for an authentic beachy feel.

If you can’t hold wedding in a beach, do not be afraid, you can bring the beach to you. You have to have your cocktail hour outdoors or create an area for your guests to take pictures. Buy some sand from your local Pottery Barn wedding registry. Then, you can wrap some rope around a pole, lamppost, or column to look like a palm tree, adding some fake palm and leaves attaching the top will be very nice. Don’t forget to attach the Christmas light!

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Midsummer Night’s Wedding

For some brides the romance of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the perfect path to their own happy ending especially for a summer wedding. Whimsical dresses in silks and chiffons in pastels, plums and creams are best for this magic wedding.

Use multi-colored wildflower bouquets to make the perfect complement, or for a flirty touch try fairy wands or scepters. Choose also some full flowers like roses or lisianthus with delicate accents like Peruvian lilies for centerpieces. Create also a D-I-Y fairy pond near the gift table. Get a magic pool lined with a solid blue liner. You have to fill it with water, river rocks and water plants with forest shrubbery around that. Give the light at the bottom or back. The floating flowers are a sweet touch that will impress your guests.

Now, decide your wedding theme for summer for your best summer wedding. Then, you will have the perfect wedding.