Unusual Engagement Rings

Unusual Engagement Rings-It took the diamond industry to establish long diamond engagement ring as an essential part of the marriage culture. The De Beers consortium, in fact, structured advertising campaigns for decades starting in the late 1930s, making associate diamonds with love, courtship and marriage, the famous slogan “Diamonds are forever”. More recently, however, the tradition of the diamond ring has started to weaken. Many couples have begun to seriously consider colored stones for their engagement rings as an alternative.

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Yet another unusual engagement rings reason is that colorless diamonds do not show much individuality. Unless you have a lot of money, it is quite difficult to purchase a diamond engagement ring that is truly wonderful as what we imaginations.Diadems these reasons, we can not discount the fact that I Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a fabulous diamond ring with big blue sapphire in 1981.

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Consumers now have as role models famous for breaking rules on colored stones in their compromise.La rings jewelry industry has not been very effective in marketing colored stones for engagement rings, and certainly The diamond industry has put pressure on trade to keep traders offering almost exclusively diamonds unusual engagement rings.





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