What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Many people often ask about what to wear to a winter wedding. As you know that wedding dress is very important for a wedding both for the bridegroom and their guest. For making you more confidence and comfortable, the wedding dress should be adjusted with the season. If you are going to come to a wedding reception in winter, you have to choose the right dress. So, if you ask about what to wear to a winter wedding, you are going to get the answer here.

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Winter wedding dress

Wedding always seem to put girls into a question of “what do I wear”? Even, it gets worse when people can’t wear the fall-back attire of a floral dress and strappy sandals to a winter wedding. Some of the wedding will be indoor, but traveling between wedding venues and even cooler indoors affect your choice of what to wear. But the worst is, when you have to come to the outdoor wedding reception in winter and you don’t know what to wear but still make you comfortable.

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In almost wedding reception in every season, there are only two categories of wedding namely formal and semi-formal wedding. It is strange when you use the semi-formal dress to a formal wedding and vice verse. Firstly, it is important for you to talk to another guest what the wedding is before deciding the dress, looking at the invite and save-the-dates. So, you know how formal are they, and do they include a dress code. Next, you need to consider the time of day because daytime weddings are usually slightly more casual, where as evening weddings tend to be more formal. To make you more detail, the ideas above will help you about what to wear to a winter wedding.

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Formal Wedding:

  • Use darker color, rich color tones are formal and match for the winter season
  • avoid white, not only is it generally a bad choice in winter, but it’s considered taboo at any wedding because white is for the bride only
  • dark tights will add a formal feel to even more casual dresses
  • you need to add glam accessories to add sparkle and make your outfit scream special occasion, but avoid tiaras (again, these are used for the bride)
  • a faux fur stole will add luxury and warmth when running back and forth from the limo

Casual Wedding:

  • use more colorful dress and patterns here, avoid black for a daytime wedding
  • it is common to wear separates to a casual wedding, like a skirt and bright top
  • rather than a fancy stole, a simple cardigan adds warmth without being over-the-top
  • you can add more casual accessories depending on the dress you choose, just make sure it reflects your personal style

Hopefully, it will give you a guide, the idea, and inspiration for coming to a winter wedding. Exactly, don’t be strange by use the inappropriate wedding dress.